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Resulting from the ancient synergy of particular marble chips with lime putty, for elegant and original marble - looking opaque and semi - opaque effects.




  • This product is a natural decorative plaster in paste produced according to the experience of old formulas and with the aid of new technologies. It allows to obtain a marble-like finishing with a spotted semi-flat effect.
  • Endowed with an extraordinary perspiration and an excellent anti-mould power (thanks to the disinfectant power of the lime), ENCAUSTO FIORENTINO can be employed on both external and internal surfaces.
  • It hardens in consequence of the chemical process of carbonatation: the calcium hydroxide (primary binder of the product) reacts with the carbonic anhydride present in the air by producing calcium carbonate, which is marble’s main component (hence the name “marmorino”). Thanks to its features, it is largely employed as an elegant finishing for all prestige environments.



  • Long-seasoning slaked lime, highselected calcareous filler, nontoxic additives.



  • INTERNAL USE The application on lime supports is recommended, but it can also be applied on plaster or byproducts, old hydro paints, only if strong and well-fixed, after the application of a coat of Primer Extra, diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 7, or Primer RV for hard supports (such as plasterboard, cellular cement, baked clay, etc.).
    1) Spread a coat of ENCAUSTO FIORENTINO with a stainless steel smoother so as to level the support; if needed, spread a second coat;
    2) Apply another coat of ENCAUSTO FIORENTINO ensuring to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. Once the product is going to dry up, press and polish with the stainless steel smoother until the wished result is obtained. Do not apply protective wax.
  • EXTERNAL USE It should be only on plasters bound with slaked lime and without cement; do not apply on surfaces where dampness is present:
    1) Wet the support plaster;
    2) Repeat points 1 and 2 of the internal use instructions;
    3) Apply a coat of REPSIL 07 with a brush or spray (non-filming silossanic protective) to give the finishing a high resistance to the atmospheric agent.



  • Each color in our color chart has is divided into 4 different shades ,and each one corresponds to a letter A;B;C;D In order to obtain the desired color all you have to do is the quantity of Arthe concentrato which is indicated in the chart below to a 14lit of ENCAUSTO FIORENTINO.

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